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Poker House Rules

Great Blue Heron Poker Where the Action Is!

  • Game stakes may change with 1/2 hour notice.
  • Playing over and Substitute players is not permitted.
  • English Only may be spoken while a game is in progress.
  • Chips may not leave the gaming table, except to pay the waitress, purchase meals or prescribed by the house.
  • Players may not play out of turn.
  • Verbal statements are binding, for the players whose turn it is to act.
  • No discussion of hands in play.
  • Side wagers are not permitted.
  • Table changes must be done immediately with the following 2 exceptions. 1) If the player is in the kill position they must finish the kill or surrender the amount of the kill. 2) If the player has just played their small or big blind, the player may play their puck before moving.
  • Seat changes must be done immediately unless the player is in the kill position, players must finish the kill in their current seat or surrender the amount of the kill before they can move.
  • No seat changes with 6 or less players at the table.
  • No metal objects allowed on the cards.
  • Meal break is 1 hour. See Inspector for details.
  • No spitting on the floor.
  • Foul language or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • All garbage must be put in bins provided.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • The use of cell phones, iPods, MP3s, PDAs, Blackberries and any other electrical or mechanical device is not permitted in the Poker area.
  • The Great Blue Heron is prohibited from allowing persons who appear to be intoxicated or who are intoxicated to gamble.
  • The decision of the Pit Manager / Inspector is final.

The rules of play are intended to create a fair game and to ensure that a player who makes an error is the one who suffers the consequences. In situations not covered by the rules, or where a mechanical following of the rules would be clearly unfair, the house has the discretion to make decisions for the purpose of ensuring a fair game.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Poker House Rules.